Mobile Applications

Almost half of mobile phone owners and three quarters of smart phone owners use their phones to get real time location based information (See the report here). For business owners it means there are now more ways to keep in touch with both old and new clients, share news, information, offers and reviews on your brand. The potential for business growth is huge. Knowing that more and more people have the capacity to search, find and act upon mobile searches means that, as a business owner, putting yourself in a position to capitalise on these growing mobile web development trends is a must.

tick 4 times as many Android and iPhone users as owners of PCs or Laptops
tick Average user has iPhone/Android phone with them 23 hours per day
Push technology is where the message is sent by the business as opposed to pull technology, where the request for information is initiated by the customer
Push messages have a 97% read rate (compared with 4% for email)
tick Mobile marketing is the most powerful advertising medium ever invented
Web vs Mobile usage graph
tick US Consumers now spend more time on Mobile Apps than the Web (hover here to see usage graph).
why mobile?
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We take pride in our ability to create outstanding bespoke mobile solutions for you. We take a strategic and tactical approach in making your mobile app an integral part of your digital strategy and can offer you anything from the simplest SMS mechanism to smartphone apps with stunning design and usability. These are just some of the services we have to offer, so take a look below at what more we can do for you.

tick GPS Location
Let your App give your customers directions to their nearest store, or service, give them turn-by-turn directions.
tick Viral Networking
A mobile App will get your customers talking about you fast, using integration with Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail.
tick Brand Loyalty
Consolidate your customer base by offering coupons and special discounts for using your App.
tick Push Messages
Send instant messages whenever you wish. 4% of e-mails get opened - 97% of Push messages get read!
tick Application Analytics
Track your daily, weekly, and monthly Android and iPhone App downloads with powerful monitoring tools.