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Social media marketing covers everything from Facebook and Twitter to forums, but it’s the ‘social’ part that’s the important bit – how to use the latest social media tools and applications to connect and engage with your potential client base. Increasingly, visitors will come to your organisation via social media rather than directly to your website as they believe they will get a better feel for the people behind the business, and discover what other people are saying about you!

tick 800 million people have a Facebook account
tick Over 65% of the world’s top 100 companies harness the power of Twitter
tick 35 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
tick LinkedIn contains the career details of over 125 million people
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Many businesses ignore social media marketing, but we take a more constructive view – it’s possible for anyone to develop a cost-effective strategy that will get you noticed, engaging with customers and developing brand awareness. We’ll clearly explain the elements that make up social media marketing, look at how they can be used to your advantage and then develop a target-focused plan of action. We can help you plan your social media strategy to ensure you engage with your customers using the right channels and in the right way, enabling you to build an effective social media presence.

tick Social media strategy
tick Twitter marketing and Facebook marketing
tick Brand design and strategy for Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
tick Social media integration with your website, blog and other social media profiles